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Reiki Healing Session

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Blue moon ritual with reiki, face massage and sisterhood connection.

Relax and let go of your day and dive into relaxing evening with Lunarina ASMR visual tingles. We prepared a soothing reiki session for you with gentle head, neck and shoulder massage. In this video Ashira and Porla Dia take turns in giving and receiving ASMR Reiki. We show tingly head massage techniques and shoulder massage release. Tune into our soft quiet voices and soft ASMR whispers. This energy healing video helps to balance emotions that have been running high during the past full moon. We are showing you a very intimate blue moon ritual, working with energies of the moon, connection, healing and feminine energy. Feel soft and warm. Feel Safe and Received. Wear headphones to hear ASMR whispers. Extra tingles.

#Reiki #Headmassage #facemassage #energyhealing

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