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Heart Chakra Meditation

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Get cozy with Lunarina and enjoy our ASMR heart chakra meditation.

What to do when you feel restless?

If you feel restless or stressed try this short soft spoken meditation to bring you peace of mind and expansion of your heart. Let yourself sink into the depth of your heart finding expansion, oneness and comfort.

Allowing your chest and your shoulders to relax.

Focus on your heart, drawing strands of light into your heart,

Let your heart chakra spiral

Draw light into your heart

Breathe it deeper and deeper into your heart chakra

Allow yourself to fully relax

As your heart finding rest and relaxing a little bit deeper

As you are settling down and releasing your stress.

Bring compassion into your heart,

Bring love into your heart chakra

Bring compassion into the center of your heart chakra

Bring compassion into your core

Bring compassion into your life,

Bring smile into your heart

Bring smile into your life as everything else fades away

And you connect to your heartbeat

Soft sweet language of your heart-your heartbeat

Let your mind to meditate on soft sounds of your heartbeat

Let this meditation to soak into your heart and into your body.

Let your heart to heal

Opening your heart chakra into a soft space of your body.

Sending you healing energy and love....


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