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Fill Yourself with Light Yoga Sequence

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

15 min quick yoga flow to start your day and fill yourself with light.

15 Minute Yoga flow to start your day. Feel energized and charged up with sunny positive energy.

It is middle of the winter, holidays are over and many of us are experiencing low energy, lack of motivation and heaviness. This is quick 15 min yoga flow is designed to gently wake you up and fuel your day with radiance, light and positive energy. If you are able to practice outside, we recommend soaking sunny energy. But if you are in colder climate and doing yoga outside is not an option, we hope to bring sunny vibes into your home.

We invite you to envision connecting to the sun when you close your eyes and letting it rays to warm you up from the within. This is a truly feel good yoga. Feel good about yourself and your body.

Thank you for watching the video and much love from the Lunarina Team.

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